Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dell launches free e-waste recycling program covering all Dell computers

(NewsTarget) In 2004, Dell began offering free recycling for old computers to customers who bought a new Dell unit, but on Wednesday the company announced it would begin taking any Dell-branded hardware for recycling free of charge by the end of 2006.

"We were the first in the computer industry to offer free recycling," says company CEO Michael Dell. "This is another first: to give consumers free recycling whether they're buying a new product or not."

The plan is scheduled to begin by September in the United States, and will be followed by a global unveiling in November.

Currently, Dell competitors Hewlett-Packard and Apple have recycling plans in place akin to Dell's 2004 procedure that required consumers to purchase a replacement computer to get free or rebated recycling, but Dell says it doesn't feel consumers should have to pay anything for recycling.

The free process for recycling Dell hardware will be exactly the same as the current process. Customers visit the Dell website, enter a serial number, print a shipping label, and then schedule a home pickup for the packed product.

When questioned about how this move may affect Dell company revenues, Michael Dell replied, "It just makes sense to do this. I hope this will bring in more customers. Consumers are thinking of (recycling) issues every day."

"By taking responsibility for their products at the end of their useful life, Dell is playing a leadership role in the corporate community, " Computer Takeback Campaign's vice chairperson Robin Schneider said in a statement released Wednesday. "We call on other electronics companies to match Dell's commitment to the environment by offering free recycling of all their products."

Dell executive Tod Arbogast added that customers should be aware that they are responsible for erasing all data on recycled goods.

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