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Styles for test

Just copy the code & paste it where ever you want.
The code is in correlation with the images. It follows the same order.
Now paste your msg before or after text

[yellow] ≈ ☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆ ≈
[yellow] ≈ ☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆≈≈≈☆ ≈

╫╫╫[:)]╫╫╫[:)]╫╫╫[:)]╫╫╫[:)]╫╫╫ [/b]





Special symbols

IF you want to put up some symbols in your text then try"ALT + (NO.)
SOME are given below.
alt + 1 - ☺
alt + 2 - ☻If you wanted to put up some special symbols in your scraps then try this one
ALT + no's (from side keybar)

laptop users can try this out
� followed by the 4 digit no.

Eg- ALT+ 1=☺

& # 9 8 0 0/1/2...../11 sreies(without spaces)= ♈/ ♉ (Sunshine symbol )

Try out you can get a lot of symbols
alt + 3 - ♥
alt + 4 - ♦
alt + 5 - ♣
alt + 6 - ♠
alt + 7 - •
alt + 8 - ◘
alt + 9 - ○

alt + 154/5/6/7 -¢/£/¥/₧

For typing in French/Portuguese
alt+128-153 -Ç/é/æ.....

The some images will be only visible in IE5+


Cool smiley's for your scrapbook

Just copy the code & paste it.



...[:p].. [blue]?[/blue]




................[:)]........[/)] …[red]?[/red]



................. [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]

..................................[:)]......[8)] …[lime]?[/lime]



.................................. [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]

[link][/link] ....[:)]......[:D] …[red]?[/red]



................................................... [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][/b]

  • Partying

[b][gold] ♫[/gold] [/b]    

[b][pink] ♪♪[/pink] [/b]    

  [violet]♪[/violet]           [b][gold] ♪[/gold] [/b]    

.[:)]    [;)]    [/)]    [:p]

[teal]《︾   ︾》   《︾  .︾》

 》  .《      》   《[/teal]


Party organised by [link][/link]

  • Sailors

--------------------[:(][8)]-------- --[:P] [:P]
-----------------[:(][:(][8)]--------- [:P] [:P] [:P]
--------------[:(][:(][:(][8)]-------- [:P] [:P] [:P]
-----------[:(][:(][:(][:(][8)]---------- [:P] [:P]
[aqua]-----------------------[8)]----[/aqua] JL[aqua]
[link][/link] [blue]ship[/blue]
----- [:X][:X][:X][:X][:X][:X][:X][:X][:X][:X][:X][:X]

Tree of smileys



"Orkut is an online trusted community Web site designed for friends. The main goal of our service is to make the social life of yourself and your friends more active and stimulating," according to the Web site, which states that the service is "in affiliation with Google."

Orkut was lauched on January 22, 2004 ,Thrusday. The service sent out thousands of invitations to welcome individuals by Google when orkut was started , Google became interested in owning a social-networking service.

When its $30 million offer to buy Friendster was spurned, it wanted a social networking site of it's own.Buyukkokten, a computer science doctoral candidate at Stanford University before joining Google had all ready built one for Affinity Engines(AEI) called inCircle. Buyukkokten, was working on user interface design for Google.He decided to build this site as the independent project ,the outgrowth of a company policy whereby engineers can spend 20% of their time working on personal interests.

Buyukkokten, with the help of a few other engineers, developed this site out of his passion for social networking services & Googles needs. This new site was extremly similar to the earlier one ,inCircle which he had build for AEI. It also had the same 9 bugs as that of inCircle. Google decided to name it after hin So it was called ORKUT.COM., as Buyukkokten was tough to spell/speak.

AEI Filed a suit against Google but Google shrugged off All the allegations. Despit all this and Some allegations by Overture ,Orkut became a huge sucess. It made a whopping 1 billon$ proft in the first year itself. Today it's one of the top 3 social networking site. It is the NO. 1 site in Brazil & INDIAN sub continent Consisting of INDIA, PAKISTHAN, BANGLADESH ,SRI LANKA among others. These nations account for 1.8 billon of the total 6 billon population. It is the NO.2 site in Friendster dominated area & Myspace dominated area. Despite all this the other 2 have a larger market share


1. Writing scraps in reverse - Add & # 8 2 3 8 before your scrap without spaces in between these characters. The whole text will get reversed on submitting it. Isn’t It Cool.

2. Adding cool symbols in orkut scrap -
alt + 987 - ?, alt + 1 - ?, alt + 2 - ?, alt + 3 - ?,
alt + 4 - ?, alt + 5 - ?, alt + 6 - ?, alt + 7 - •,
alt + 8 - ?, alt + 9 - ?, alt + 0178 - ², alt + 0489 - é,
alt + 0756 - ô, alt + 0742 - æ, alt + 0719 - Ï,
alt + 0739 - ã, alt + 0729 - Ù

3. Writing a star in your orkut scrap - Write & # 9 7 3 3 before your scrap without spaces in between these characters. And see a cool star icon that comes up in the scrap on submitting.

4. Access Orkut via Proxy -
- A proxy by orkut itself
- Also try
- or
This about orkut proxy could be used if your network administrator have blocked access to and you get an 'access denied' message.

Knowing Email ID of any profile on Orkut

*Ignore the person of whom you want to know the Email id.
*Open your Gtalk of the same account as Orkut.
*Go to Settings -> Blocked
+You can see the ignored person's email id.

Stealth - Visit someone's profile in invisible mode

I was just reading through one of the topics in a community when i found out that people didn't know how to visit some body's profile without making them to know that they have visited i was shocked.So that i decided to put it up for all of you

*Just visit Settings section
*Now check (tick/mark) on "disable profile visitors "
*save the settings

Now you can visit the profile without knowing.As simple as that.
There is one small problem to this not only he will come to know that you have visited his profile you will also not come to know who visited yours. So as soon as your work is over just uncheck it

Writing text in reverse order

*Type the text in the scrapbook or any text
*Type & # 8 2 3 8 without spaces before the message in the text box.
*Example: "&#8238 This is message reverted."
*Press SUBMIT.
*The above message appears as >YRT SITH LOOC KCIRT

Orkut Magic Tricks

Simply copy and paste the links.

Worst Profile On Orkut

Best Profile

Best Album

Best Scrapbook

View Friends Scrap more Than the Limit

Step1: Open Friends scrapbook

Step2: Look in your address bar. You will see this address written

Step3: Add this code"&na=&nst=&nid=&pageSize=30" at the end of the address. It will look like this

30 over specifies that you can view 30 scraps of the scrapbook you are looking into.
If u like our work Do Refer Your Friends so that we can continue

Send anonymous scrap

For sending a anonymous scrap, follow the steps:
*Create a fake account.
*Write the scraps to the person you want.
*Delete the account.
*Your scraps from the deleted account becomes anonymous.

Who Has Added U in There Crush List

To know who has added U in there Crush List, Follow the steps:

1) Add your friends in your crush list.

2) A message will arrive you from orkut in any of those have added you in their lists within five minutes.

3) After the use remove friends from crush list, so that if they try, they don't catch you.

Scrap Without name

For sending scraps without name follow the steps:

1) Open edit profile

2) Delete First and Second Name

3) Then on the first name text box type ALT + 0173 (i.e. Type 0173 while pressing the ALT key of your keyboard.)

4) Do the same in the Second Name Box.

5) Click Update.

Now you are done you can send scraps without your name

Send Invisible Scrap

So, Friend's welcome to the very first orkut trick.

Step1: Open scrapbook
Step2: Write [i] and submit it, an invisible scrap will b send

Note: Don't Write Anything Else [i]
You can try these various combinations also if u want to send a big no of invisible scraps, as after your few submissions it will start displaying the message "message sent too recently". So try these combinations out: [u]

And just keep on increasing it will continue no limits...

One more method

Enter &#3021 no space b/w the symbol and number, blank scrap will be send.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Orkut Hacking

Google uses a 4 Level Orkut login which makes it difficult to hack using brute force method.
1st Level Security-SSL or 128 bit secured connection
2nd Level Google account checks for cookie in the sytem of user
3rd Level Google provides a redirection to the entered User information
4th Level Google doesn't use conventional php/aspx/asp coding so impossible to attack using input validation attack!!

It is not an easy task to break this security! But still some people manages to get access to other accounts. The question concerned is How they do it? Many of them just use simple tricks that befool users and then they themself leak out their password. Here are some points you need to take care of, to prevent your Orkut account being hacked!

Phishing Attack is the most popular way of stealing other's password. Popular by the name of fake login (among those who knows it!!) the users land on a page where they are asked for their login information and they enter their username and password thinking it to be a real page but actually it is other way round. It submits all the details entered to the programmer or the coder.

Community Links: Many times you are provided with a link to a community in a scrap. Read the link carefully, It may be something like OKRUT not ORKUT. Clicking on this link will take you to a fake login page and there you loose up your password.

Orkut New Features: I have come across a page that looks like they are giving the user a choice of selecting new features for orkut with your ID and password, of course!! When user submit the page, there goes his ID and password mailed to the coder.

Java script: You must have seen the circulating scraps that asks you to paste this code in your address bar and see what happens! Well sometimes they also leak out your information. Check the code and if you are unsure of what to do, then I recommend not to use it.

Primary mail address: If by some means a hacker came to know password of your Yahoo mail or Gmail, which users normally keeps as their primary mail address in their Orkut account, then hacker can hack Orkut account by simply using USER ID and clicking on 'forget password'.This way Google will send link to the already hacked primary email id to change the password of the Orkut account. Hence the email hacker will change your Orkut account's password. Hence your Orkut account hacked too.

So a better thing would be to keep a very unknown or useless email id of yours as primary email id so that if the hacker clicks on 'Forgot password' the password changing link goes to an unknown email id i.e. not known to the hacker.
Hence your Orkut account saved.

If you would like to share something, comment here and I will add up here with a credit to your name.

Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third has Shrek and Fiona watching over their kingdom of Far Far Away, now that King Harold is a frog, yet Shrek feels that he never cares about his friends. When King Harold falls ill and is dying, Shrek and Fiona determine that if they can find a suitable heir to the throne of Far Far Away and bring him back, they can leave their current lifestyles behind and return to their swamp. The most promising candidate for the position of king is Fiona's cousin, Arthur (Artie) who proves to be much more of a problem than Shrek, Donkey, and Puss had bargained for...

At World's End, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 template

After Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Captain Barbossa rescue Captain Jack Sparrow from the clutches of the Kraken, they must face their foes, Davy Jones and Lord Cutler Beckett. Beckett, now with control of Jones' heart, forms a dark alliance with him in order to rule the seas and wipe out the last of the Pirates. Now, Jack, Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, Tia Delma, and crew must call the Pirate Lords from the four corners of the globe, including the infamous Sao Feng, to a gathering that will make their final stand against Beckett, Jones, Norrington, the Flying Dutchman, and the entire East India Trading Company...

The movie trailer HD is included in the header of this XML template.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series of novels by J. K. Rowling. The book title was announced on December 21, 2006 via a special Christmas-themed hangman puzzle on Rowling's website and confirmed shortly afterwards by the book's publishers. Rowling has stated that the final volume relates so closely to the previous book in the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, "almost as though they are two halves of the same novel." It features the adventures of the series' protagonist Harry Potter as he attempts to bring an end to his nemesis, Lord Voldemort...

Pictobrowser, embed a Flickr Slideshow

How to install a Blogger HTML template

Make sure you have backed up your template before installing a new one.

(You can also install a XML template).


You have to choose a Html Template


Copy the code (Ctrl A: Select All, Ctrl C: Copy)


Go to your Blogger Control Panel - Edit HTML


Revert to Classic Template (You can return whenever you want).


Paste the code into the Template area (Ctrl A: Select All, Ctrl V: Paste)


All done!

How to install a Blogger XML template

Make sure you have backed up your template before installing a new one.

(You can also install a HTML template).


You have to choose a XML Template


Save the XML file on your hard disk.


Go to your Blogger Control Panel - Edit HTML


Browse the XML file you have saved and upload it.


Adding Google sitemap to your blog

 Adding Google sitemap to your blog is an easy way to add your url to Google index and get your blog crawled. With Google sitemap, you can get better crawl coverage and search results to help people find more of your web pages. You also get detailed reports about how Google directs traffic to your blog and how Googlebot sees your pages.

To add Google sitemap to your blog, go to Google sitemap, and sign in with your Google Account (create one if you don't have one). In the Add site box, enter your blog url as shown in the screenshot below, and click OK. (In this post, there will be many screenshots. To enlarge them, click on the screenshot)

You will get a "Your site has been added to your account. Verify your ownership to view detailed statistics and errors for it" message and a button to verify your ownership.

Click the "Verify" text hyperlink, and you will be taken to a selection box to select your verification method.

Choose "Add a Meta tag". A meta tag will be generated for you.

Highlight this meta tag and copy it to clipboard. Sign into Dashboard, select your blog, click TEMPLATE tab and paste the meta tag in between the and tags. Save and republish. Check the "I've added the META tag in the home page of" box and click the [verify] button.

There will be a message "We do not know about all the pages of your site. [Submit a Sitemap] to tell us more about your site. Click [Submit a Sitemap] and in the "Choose type..." selection box, select "Add General Web Sitemap".

[tick] I've created a Sitemap in a supported format. [?]
[tick] I've uploaded my Sitemap to the highest-level directory to which I have access.
[tick] My Sitemap URL is: [ ]

then enter the site feed url into the "My Sitemap URL is: box. You can get the site feed url of your blog from SETTINGS. Click SETTINGS, SITE FEED tabs in the Dashboard. In the case of blogspot, just add /atom.xml to the end of the blog url. (For example, the site feed URL of this blog is Then click "Add Web Sitemap" and you are done.

Update 22 April 2007: This post was written before New Blogger (formerly Blogger Beta) was introduced. If you are with New Blogger, use the feed URL, substituting "your blog" with the actual name of your blog.

There is one further thing you can do, and that is to enable enhanced image search. At the bottom of the page, tick "Enhanced Image Search".

What does it mean to opt-in to enhanced image search?
If you choose to enable enhanced image search, Google will use tools such as Google Image Labeler to associate the images included in your site with labels that will improve indexing and search quality of those images.

Update 15 October 2006: This does not work for Blogger Beta. I think I read somewhere that using the RSS feed works, but I haven't tested it out myself (when I have the time, I may do that). If I have the solution, I will post an update here or make a new post and put a link to that post here.

Update 11 July 2007: I think I need to draw your attention to My Advice on Google Sitemaps - Verify, but Don't Submit. There was a comment in that post which makes me want to rethink and hopefully do some research when I have time and if I remember.

For your convenience, I paste that comment from that site here:

"Hello i'd like to share my experience of sitemaps with you... i have a small site - 170 pages that i launced with a sitemap - after 3 months i was frustrated with only a handful of pages showing up in the SERPS - so i removed the sitemap and voila - within 48 hours 90% of my site was crawled and my traffic rocketed. I used a Google sitemap generator tool to create the sitemap in the first place - probably wasnt correctly formatted but it still verified ok with G. The moral of the story - IMO don't use a sitemap unless you A) Know exactly what you are doing and B) you have to."

You have any information or experience regarding this, I hope you will comment and let us know.

How to submit blog to Google

Submit your blog url here: Add your URL to Google.

A better idea is to add a Google sitemap to your blog. You can learn how to add a Google map to your blog here: "Adding Google sitemap to your blog".

You may also submit your blog to Google Base and include a link back to your blog.

You may also submit your url to Yahoo! search for free at

For submission to MSN, go to MSN url submission.

Generally, there is no necessity in submitting your url to search engines as nowadays, eventually, the search engine will crawl your blog. There is no harm in submitting though. A faster way to do it is to get a link from websites that are already indexed by the search engines as they will automatically follow the links to crawl sites that are linked there. If you don't know anybody who can link you, you can submit your website to blog directories. An easy one to submit to will be My Blog Directory (it is already indexed). Just go to the bottom of the directory and click "Add your blog". (You may want to read more about how My Blog Directory may help you get some extra traffic to your site. Go to "How to make a blog directory for your blog". Other blog directories you can submit to are Blogwise, BlogCatalogue, Bloggernity, BlogFlux, GlobeOfBlogs. You may also "claim" your blog at Technorati.

yrewn yerwy


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About Hitechblogger

Welcome to HitechBlogger - the Blog that helps bloggers to add income streams to their blogs.

My name is Sai prasad and I’m a full time Blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium from blogs like
Price Grabber Blog.

Back in 2002 I stumbled upon an article about ‘Blogging’. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life. I know that statements like that belong on those cheesy ‘buy my book’ sites (don’t worry I’m not selling anything) but it is actually true.

Within 24 hours of reading the article I had started my own

As my blogs have grown in popularity and have begun to generate income Blogging has grown from a hobby (some would say an obsession), to a part time job through to a fully fledged business in recent times. I have slowly built my blogging into a income source that has enabled me to dedicate more and more time to the medium to the point where I am currently a full time blogger - a HitechBlogger.

This site is dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.

I keep this blog free even though it has the potential to help others earn substantial income mainly because I like to help others. It does bring in a small amount through advertising but if you’d like to support what I do and if you’ve found this blog helpful to you in your blogging I simply ask that you consider adding me to your blogroll or blog side bar to let others know about me. Spread the word so we can all learn together.