Friday, July 27, 2007


"Orkut is an online trusted community Web site designed for friends. The main goal of our service is to make the social life of yourself and your friends more active and stimulating," according to the Web site, which states that the service is "in affiliation with Google."

Orkut was lauched on January 22, 2004 ,Thrusday. The service sent out thousands of invitations to welcome individuals by Google when orkut was started , Google became interested in owning a social-networking service.

When its $30 million offer to buy Friendster was spurned, it wanted a social networking site of it's own.Buyukkokten, a computer science doctoral candidate at Stanford University before joining Google had all ready built one for Affinity Engines(AEI) called inCircle. Buyukkokten, was working on user interface design for Google.He decided to build this site as the independent project ,the outgrowth of a company policy whereby engineers can spend 20% of their time working on personal interests.

Buyukkokten, with the help of a few other engineers, developed this site out of his passion for social networking services & Googles needs. This new site was extremly similar to the earlier one ,inCircle which he had build for AEI. It also had the same 9 bugs as that of inCircle. Google decided to name it after hin So it was called ORKUT.COM., as Buyukkokten was tough to spell/speak.

AEI Filed a suit against Google but Google shrugged off All the allegations. Despit all this and Some allegations by Overture ,Orkut became a huge sucess. It made a whopping 1 billon$ proft in the first year itself. Today it's one of the top 3 social networking site. It is the NO. 1 site in Brazil & INDIAN sub continent Consisting of INDIA, PAKISTHAN, BANGLADESH ,SRI LANKA among others. These nations account for 1.8 billon of the total 6 billon population. It is the NO.2 site in Friendster dominated area & Myspace dominated area. Despite all this the other 2 have a larger market share

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